Learn, Network & Play with Gary Vee

This invitation only executive level program for influential entrepreneurs & pioneers is where you’ll uncover Gary Vee’s unique futurist views and global new-age leadership ideologies.

During the course of the program, not only will you learn Gary’s blueprints & strategies for hyper-growth straight from the source, but you’ll also have unprecedented and candid access to Gary through experiential activities.

GV X is your unique opportunity to truly deep dive into the mindset of Gary as well as some of the world’s most renowned global thought leaders in an unparalleled live-knowledge experience involving working sessions, panel discussions and superior experiential activities.

About the GV Experience


In an era unlike any other, entrepreneurs and business leaders are craving unique insights from pioneers who have taken on challenges and made tough decisions, embraced and been at the forefront of change, prospered in times of uncertainty and harnessed the power of innovation to enable hyper-growth. In today’s climate, there is no person better qualified to provide these insights and share his experience than Gary Vee.

GV X facilitates real conversation and connection with some of the most influential people you'll ever meet. GV X is for those that aren’t just interested in business, but in changing the world by creating solutions to global needs.

Rather than just speaking, Gary Vee and his team of globally renowned pioneering practitioners will be at GV X to teach you and help you become the next visionary leader.

Why join the GV experience?

In a hyper-growth era of possibilities and empowerment, the traditional ways of doing business are becoming rapidly obsolete. At GV X you’ll:

  • Realise the new age principles you need to shift from a growth to a hyper growth mindset
  • Discover how to drive radical innovation, scale and execute on ever-more ambitious visions.
  • Gain unparalleled business insights from Gary and some of the most influential entrepreneurs, and creative minds in the business world
  • Challenge your current perceptions about leadership and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently
  • Uncover practical insights into tools and methodologies you should apply in your business to make radical shifts in your results
  • Focus on the issues most relevant today as well as what will be most relevant tomorrow and in years to come
  • Be stimulated into new thinking and motivating action

If you are looking for the keys to hyper-growth and to form alliances that will propel amazing projects forward, this is the program for you.

Numbers are strictly limited and not many are accepted to this invitation only program but, if you apply and have the opportunity to attend, it WILL be a life-changing event.


What you’ll learn

At GV X you’ll have access to never seen before, exclusive content. As an elite attendee you’ll be privileged to listen to insights and learn current business challenges, trends and cases from Gary Vee and other world leading speakers who have realised tremendous success and who are ready to share their secrets with you. At GV X you will learn:

  • Gary’s blueprint for success
  • Founder/CEO Strategies for scale and hyper growth
  • Leadership essentials for the future
  • How to maximise the ultimate asset
  • Macro delegation strategies and tactics
  • Business Transformation
  • Culture hacking
  • Audience attention arbitrage
  • Strategies for developing modern content
  • New-age marketing strategies
  • Gary’s formula for investing and seeking investment

Networking with talented business minds


GV X presents a unique opportunity to network with an exclusive community of talented business minds from across the globe. Come together with like-minded entrepreneurs so you can engage and learn from one another with the goal of leaving your mark on the world.

GV X is an invitation only program and our members are carefully vetted. You’ll have access to a private circle of high-performance, visionary entrepreneurs enabling you to build new, longlasting meaningful relationships and deep connections over a truly incomparable networking experience so you can create an exchange of value over time.

The GV Experience Program


19-21 JAN 2020

"Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions" - Gary Vaynerchuk


If you’re interested in joining GV X, submit your application - it only takes a minute.


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